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Special Recognition Award

Special Recognition Award

"…for unusual service to the League" 


Since 1974, the Governors have voted to grant "Special Recognition Awards" acknowledging the substantial contributions and performances of the members cited below 


Marvin Beisel Fall 1978 Outstanding service to the League
Marvin Beisel Fall 1979 "for all your efforts to help us"
Marvin Beisel Fall 1984 "In appreciation for your many years of service"
Marvin Beisel Fall 1984

"In deep gratitude for many years of unselfish
 service to a most appreciative group of dear friends"

Jesse Aguilar Spring 1986 (service to the League)
Jim Hudson Spring 1986 (service to the League)
Leland Gallamore Spring 1986 (in recognition of his service to our fundraising efforts)
John Kreiger Spring 1986 (General Manager of the Four Star Showplace)
Miki Lauletta Spring 1986 (former member of the Board of Governors)
Joseph Leone Spring 1986 (General Manager of the Spike)
Bob Miller Spring 1986 (principal organizer of teams at Mr. Mike's)
Ron Pennington Spring 1986 (service to the League)
Harry Wiles Fall 1986 (former owner of Mr. Mikes)
Bill Weaver Fall 1986 (service to the League)
Griff's •Spring 1987 "THE BELLS ARE RINGING"
Paul H. Bussiere Spring 1988 (former member of the Board of Governors)
Rick Switzer Spring 1988 (former Statistician of the League)
Austin Griffin Fall 1988 (One of the five Founders of the League)
Charlie Fong  Fall 1989 (service to the League)
George O'Hara Spring 1980 (former member of the Board of Governors as Secretary)
David Terrazas Fall 1990 (former member of the Board of Governors as Treasurer)
Douglas M. Heaney Fall 1991 (former Statistician and Beisel winner)
Jay Metcalf Fall 1991 (Little Joy supporter)
Don Cerf & Joe Dreibus Spring 1992 (supporters of the League)
Jeffrey Hersh  Spring 1992 (former President of the League)
John Jones ••Fall 1997 (contributions to the Election Committee)
Michael Pfannenstiel Fall 1998 (former President of the League) 
Jeffrey Hersh Spring 1999 (former President of the League)
Glenda Davis Spring 2001 (former President of the League)
Bill Hoover Fall 2001 (former President of the League)
Janell McKane Spring 2003 (former President of the League)
John Cochran Fall 2003 (former President of the League)
Angelo Pacella Spring 2004 (contributions to the Guide, our design and artwork)
Ron Oliver Spring 2004 (former Treasurer and League Auditor)
Jeff K. Lee Fall 2004  (long time member of the league)
Tom Nicholson Fall 2006 (contributions to the construction of the League schedules)
Russ Pepin Fall 2007 (Treasurer of the League)
Mother Lode Team Spring 2009 (Janell McKane, Kirk Hill, Jimmy Dower & Randy Schrier)
Frank Bustamante Fall 2009 Renamed Sportsmanship Award in Frank's honor
Fernando Gasca Fall 2011 (Bartender at Oxwood Inn)
Jeffrey Hersh Fall 2011

"Your hard work and dedication to the Los Angeles Pool League
 has not gone unnoticed.  
Thank you for all you do"

Bryan Haneiwich Spring 2013

 "In recognition for his efforts that has produced a website
that makes all LAPL members proud" 

Bill Hoover Spring 2013

"20 Term President"

Julian Auzenne Spring 2015

Dedication and service to the league


•For many years, Griff's, now known as the Faultline, served as the drop-off location for weekly score sheets. Every Tuesday night during the season, the Statistician would travel to Griff's to receive telephone calls from each Captain with the results of the matches. Griff's graciously permitted the League to use their main telephone line to receive these calls until the League's midnight deadline. 

••John Jones was given a $50.00 check by President Michael Pfannenstiel at the Awards Banquet held at the Lodge. This was not a Special Recognition Award. It was an acknowledgement of his contributions to the Election Committee over many seasons.

Pictures of former recipients:  

fernandogascaSRA HaneiwichSRA 


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